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Ready to optimize your kitchen?

Extra orders, revenue, & margin at the tip of your fingers

Run our delivery franchise(s) alongside your existing kitchen.

Extra monthly revenue earned by partners:€5,000 - €25,000


No additional or specialized personnel required

Start selling within two weeks

No upfront investment needed

Our brands are optimised to work in every kitchen. We supply you with all the equipment needed.

Don't change who you are. We handle everything from A to Z whilst you focus on your business.

We supply you with the tools and processes that enable anyone to prepare the menus.

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What we do

Foodies First is the fastest-growing virtual restaurant company in the Netherlands. We offer kitchen operators, like you, the possibility to add a delivery brand alongside your existing brand. Thanks to our technology, proprietary processes, and established brands you quickly start earning money without any upfront investment.


You do the cooking, we do the rest. We provide our community of partners with a complete concept including branding, technology, platform management, recipes, suppliers, packing, and training.  Basically, we partner together to optimize your kitchen and improve your revenue



Sushi restaurant

I am really happy to have started working with Foodies First. Getting set up and operating their brands is easy thanks to their good operational processes and technology. It allowed me to diversify my revenue without any investments or much impact on my business. 

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Indian restaurant

The journey with Foodies First has been special. We have been amazed by the personal touch and responsiveness. Next to the performance of course which far exceeded any expectations we had.




Adding one of the Foodies First brands to my restaurants has been a welcome way to get extra profit. Without any change to my existing personnel, I am getting double the orders I normally do.


Why we do what we do

Whilst working for food startups, we realized the trouble customers go through when ordering on delivery platforms. Being heavily favorable towards chains, low-quality and heavily-branded fast-food concepts dominate this arena. As a result, many customers miss out on experiencing tastier, high-quality, and far less cholesterol-inducing food options.

On the other side of this double-edged sword, independent restaurants have to bend over backward in order to compete profitably without the scale of the Goliaths they are up against. This is what we set out to change, by creating data-driven food concepts that focus on a great food-delivery experiences and can be run in tandem to an entrepreneur's existing business, we create a win-win situation!

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Join our community of 30+ partners in The Netherlands and France


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